How to support service users to plan ahead for challenging conversations

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By Poppy Ellis Logan @poppyellislogan Associate Lecturer in Mental Health (Middlesex University), My Care Academy Practice Lead We all have to face challenging conversations in our day to day lives, usually when putting forward views and opinions that may not be shared by others. Some people develop good strategies for dealing with these challenging conversations,… Read More

Gender identity and person-centred care

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By Asterios Bompolis @Asteriosbmpls Associate Lecturer in Mental Health (Middlesex University), My Care Academy Practice Lead Pronouns: He/His (what’s this?)   Gender diversity The Equality and Human Rights Commission (2011) report[i] indicates that “at least 1.3% of the UK population is in some way transgender or gender variant”[ii].  The significance of this figure is revealing… Read More

We’re winding down for the winter break!

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It’s time to say goodbye to 2019, and usher in the New Year… Over the next few weeks, you may notice that My Care Academy seems a little more quiet than usual, as we will be busy wrapping up and recovering our energy ready for what the New Year will bring. Between now and then,… Read More

Learning from ADHD Awareness Month

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By Poppy Ellis Logan @poppyellislogan Associate Lecturer in Mental Health (Middlesex University), My Care Academy Practice Lead Part 1: What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), biologically speaking? People with ADHD have brains that are both structurally different to ‘normal’ and which are also chemically imbalanced, with lower levels of certain neurotransmitters than people without… Read More

New online learning for BEH-MHT staff

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By Suzanne Traynor @Traynors Associate Professor Mental Health (Practice) at Middlesex University & My Care Academy. The Care Programme Approach (CPA) is the way mental health services work with service users. Our relationship with the service user is at the centre of this process and it is based upon the principles of recovery.  Enablement draws on… Read More

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Middlesex University

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By Jennifer Springham @jlspringham2 Joint Appointment: Lecturer in Mental Health and Practice Development Lead, My Care Academy. Recently it was University Mental Health Day, a national awareness day for student mental health jointly developed by Student Minds and the University Mental Health Advisers Network. Students, staff and student unions in higher education institutions were encouraged… Read More

Eating disorders: how and why all nurses should care

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By Helen Hewitt @helen_mhns Helen is a third-year mental health nursing student at Middlesex University, currently in the process of completing her extended essay which focuses on the challenge of maintaining therapeutic relationships while delivering care within eating disorder settings. It is concerning to see someone that we care for showing signs of an eating disorder.… Read More

A fresh look at your New Year’s resolutions

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By Helen Kehoe  @Helsbels88 Joint Appointment lecturer in Mental Health and Practice Development lead, My Care Academy As a mental health nurse and lecturer I often have interesting conversations and debates with both students and colleagues about how we can support service users and ourselves to make and maintain healthy life choices. I then began to… Read More


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