Eating disorders: how and why all nurses should care

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By Helen Hewitt @helen_mhns Helen is a third-year mental health nursing student at Middlesex University, currently in the process of completing her extended essay which focuses on the challenge of maintaining therapeutic relationships while delivering care within eating disorder settings. It is concerning to see someone that we care for showing signs of an eating disorder.… Read More

A fresh look at your New Year’s resolutions

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By Helen Kehoe  @Helsbels88 Joint Appointment lecturer in Mental Health and Practice Development lead, My Care Academy As a mental health nurse and lecturer I often have interesting conversations and debates with both students and colleagues about how we can support service users and ourselves to make and maintain healthy life choices. I then began to… Read More

Interview: My ERASMUS nursing placement in Denmark

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By Bronwyn Evans @Green_Eyed_Bea 3rd-year Mental Health Nursing Student, Student Voice Leader, Nursing Ambassador and Ambassador leader for the School of Health and Education at Middlesex University Bronwyn recently returned from her ERASMUS+ placement in Odense, Denmark. Here she shares her learning and personal experiences, and encourages other student nurses to also apply to the… Read More

Make one change?

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By Suzanne Traynor @Traynors Associate Professor Mental Health (Practice) at Middlesex University & My Care Academy. The new year had hardly begun, and we were bombarded with “What is your new year’s resolution?” We can decide to make changes to our lives that will have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing at any point… Read More

Deafness and mental health

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By Nina Thomas @ninathomasart Nina is a founding member of The Film Bunch – their mission is to improve access for deaf and hard of hearing people to mainstream short films, and a trustee at StageText, an organisation that aims to make theatre and culture accessible to D/deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people. A performance of… Read More

A different perspective: The assessment of the risk of suicide

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By Suzanne Traynor @Traynors Associate Professor Mental Health (Practice) at Middlesex University & My Care Academy. Supporting staff to feel confident and competent when working with service users who are suicidal is essential. The Trust’s ‘Keeping the Patient Safe’ learning sessions provide staff with the time and space to refresh their knowledge and skills as well… Read More

My journey into non-medical prescribing

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By Charlene Hales, Clinical Team Manager at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust I approached my supervisor a year ago during my appraisal to express my interest in prescribing as I wanted a new challenge. I liked the idea of implementing a full care plan, conducting assessments, formulating impressions/diagnoses and designing a treatment package that includes medication prescribing.… Read More

Mindfulness and self-care

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By Jennifer Springham, @jlspringham2 Joint Appointment: Lecturer in Mental Health and Practice Development Lead, My Care Academy.  Last week was self-care week, and although we should be looking after ourselves all of the time, it was a helpful reminder for me to check in with myself and evaluate my own strategies for keeping well. Particularly now… Read More


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