Why kindness is key for Mental Health Professionals

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By Suzanne Traynor @Traynors Associate Professor Mental Health (Practice) at Middlesex University & My Care Academy. Working with people experiencing acute mental health distress can at times be challenging but I have found that relationships based on kindness is a helpful beginning.  I am interested in and curious about their lives and what is happening… Read More

Q&A: Lived experience voices series

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By ‘Panther Queen’. An Expert by Experience member within My Care Academy – Guest blogger. An expert reference group of people with lived experience of mental health services is working with My Care Academy within the NSUN 4Pi standards on co-production.  Within our partnership, we are keen to elevate and amplify the voices of people with lived… Read More

Building capability for improvement by building networks at Q Initiative

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By Sophie Bulmer – Guest Blogger Network Development Lead, UCL Partners Networks can be a great way for people working in healthcare to create knowledge, exchange information and share learning.  By crossing the traditional professional and organisational boundaries, networks can encourage collaboration, deepen learning and help to spark innovative approaches to problem solving.  The potential… Read More


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