04 June 2020
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Who do we call a leader?

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Leadership is one of the important characteristics identified for nurses. We are taught about leadership in nursing education programmes (many!) and are encouraged to think and act like leaders. We are given talks on leadership and management theories, differences between a leader and a manager and styles of effective leadership. That teaching and learning does not stop with nursing education programmes, as we often find ourselves participating in various leadership courses and programmes to improve our leadership and to become a ‘voice to lead’ as International Council of Nurses calls it. 

Covid19 has placed  nursing and healthcare professionals at the forefront and their roles are highlighted and praised. We have been identified as ‘heroes’, ‘angels’, ‘the backbone of the healthcare system’ etc. But are we seen as leaders of the healthcare system? Does our contribution to healthcare range from prevention to rehabilitation design to service delivery; policy development to implementation and how this understood or recognised?

This Twitter chat, organised by @Wenurses and Nursing Open, provides nurses, midwives, pre-registration nursing and midwifery students an opportunity to explore meaning and views of leadership and nurse leadership?

Proposed Questions:

1.       What is leadership?

2.       How  nurses recognised as leaders, please provide examples?

3.       What do nurses need to develop as leaders?

4.       Is training in leadership required or are people naturally leaders)?

5.       Who should provide leadership training to nurses?

6.       Can nursing leadership learn from other healthcare professions?

7.       Can nursing leadership offer leadership to other healthcare professions?


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04 June 2020
from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm



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