14 November 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Different Ways of Thinking About Mental Illness and Health

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by Talk for Health

Talk for Health’s monthly Special events are an opportunity for anyone in the community to come along, learn something knew, and experience talking for health.

What IS mental illness anyway? How western society shapes our views on mental and emotional distress.

In this special, Bea Herbert explores the story behind the mental health system and the different and sometimes contradictory messages that people are told when they seek support.

Where did these stories come from and what are the ideas behind them? Are we suffering from chemical imbalances or are there different ways of understanding mental illness?

In this special, Bea will explore mental health from different points of view including medical, psychological and spiritual.

You will get space – if you wish – explore your experiences through these different points of view.

Bea Herbert is the Founder and Director of States of Mind, a social enterprise that educates young people in London on mental health. States of Mind co-designs new methods for mental health support with young people in schools and communities.

The second half will introduce you to, and give you a chance to experience, some of the four key learning areas of Talk for Health:

Open and truthful talking
Empathic listening
Basic counselling skills
How to set up an ongoing group

After this event, you can go straight into a Talk for Health Cafe, where you will learn peer counselling skills as well as have plenty of space to talk and get/give support. You can also attend an Intro to Talk for Health or sign up to the Full 4-day Talk for Health Peer Counselling Programme to deepen your knowledge, skills, and get even more space to share.

As always the event is free, but there is an option to pay by donation if you would like to contribute to the running of Talk for Health’s services.

For more information contact info@talkforhealth.co.uk or 07826148461.

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14 November 2019
from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Islington Town Hall
Upper St, Islington, London N1 2UD, UK

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