30 January 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Smashing the Stigma: South Asian Women & Mental Health

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by South Asian Sisters Speak

SASS brings you our first ever event spotlighting mental health in the South Asian community

About this Event

South Asian Sisters Speak (SASS) is excited to bring you our latest event, ‘Smashing the Stigma’ – exploring the issue of mental health in the South Asian community. For years mental health has been considered a taboo in South Asian communities, tainted by notions of shame, honour or ‘izzat’. For this reason, many individuals from a South Asian background do not notice the signs of mental health issues and when they do, are reluctant to speak to others and access mental health services. Furthermore, when they do access services here in the UK, these do not account for cultural sensitivities and can leave these individuals feeling more isolated. Throughout our three years running SASS, mental health has consistently been raised in all of our events, and we are glad to finally be bringing a specific event to our community.

The aim of our event is to shine a light on the impact of mental health within the South Asian community and in particular the nuances of this in relation to South Asian women. We hope to begin to deconstruct the stigma and shame ingrained in our communities around mental health, openly discuss these issues and how we can overcome them. We believe there is real value in building a community, with similar experiences, within which we feel safe to have such vulnerable conversations.

Our panellists are all South Asian women who work in the mental health field and/or have experienced mental health issues themselves. They will be sharing their experiences and taking part in our panel discussion on mental health in the South Asian community.

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30 January 2020
from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Impact Hub Islington
27 Dingley Pl, London EC1V 8BR, UK

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