09 June 2017
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mental Health Movie Night

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by Middlesex University Nursing Society

Need one more IPL Session? Want to watch some movies, eat snacks, get a certificate for it, and placement hours signed off for the time you spend doing it, ALL FOR FREE??? Middlesex University Nursing Society has got you covered!

Taking a look at mental health conditions through the lens of film, this event will offer students the opportunity to understand some of the most common conditions likely to be encountered in practice, with an expert panel guiding the audience through discussion about the portrayal of the condition, as well as the assessment process.

This fabulous event will be hosted at Middlesex University and sponsored by the Royal College of Nursing, to provide an exciting educational experience with a touch of the silver screen.

There will be two halves to the night with an intermission, the first half will be a lecture by Professor Carmel Clancy (Head of Mental Health Social Work & Integrated Medicine at MDX) on how to undertake a mini-mental state exam.

This will be followed by a short break where FREE SNACKS will be provided for all ticket holders before the main event.


The main event will be held in Lecture Theatre CG77, and consist of a series of short clips from movies depicting different mental health conditions. After each clip the expert panel will guide discussion of the clip, the condition, and implications for practice.

This event will be ideal for nursing students of all fields but also for all midwifery, teaching, social work, occupational therepy and other professionals, interested in having a better understanding of common mental health conditions, and how to undertake a basic assessment.

Resources and further information on the event, speakers, movies, the University, RCN and society can be found at the link below. This information will provide attendees with background information to the event and mental state exams.


This event is open to all Pan-London University students, FREE OF CHARGE, however Eventbrite tickets and University ID’s will be checked at the door.

MIDDLESEX NURSING STUDENTS: Will have their practice hours counted if taking time out of placement to attend IF you have a ticket and IF that ticket is scanned in at the event. Practice hours will only be counted if you start your shift in practice, and then come to the session to finish your shift at the IPL. Students that book tickets and do not attend to have their tickets scanned will not recieve placement hours and their mentors will be contacted to inform them you did not attend. Practice hours will not be included if you were not on shift that day.

MIDDLESEX MIDWIFERY STUDENTS: Due to NMC rules on “practice hours” you cannot have placement hours replaced by this HOWEVER, missed academic hours CAN be made up at this event


  • A certificate of attendance will be sent to the emails of all attendees who have their tickets scanned at the event
  • This event is included as one MDX IPL session
  • An age restriction of 18+ will be enforced at this event due to the nature of the clips shown and the discussions taking place
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09 June 2017
from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Middlesex University College Building, The Burroughs, Hendon Way, London NW4 4BT, UK

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