Frequently asked questions have been collated to help you find information quickly.

  • What is My Care Academy?

    We’re a knowledge building community between Camden and Islington NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust and Middlesex University.

  • What is the Vision?

    Our vision is to improve health and social care for our local communities by transforming professional development and learning within North Central London. We’re enabling our workforce and partners in care to harness and share local talent, expertise and skills by embracing digital solutions to connect, collaborate and co-create to deliver outstanding care.

  • Who is My Care Academy?

    Professor Carmel Clancy, Head of School, School of Health and Education  at Middlesex University, is the project Director for MyCA. Our partner leads from North London NHS Trusts are Amanda Pithouse Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and Governance at Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust and Dean Howells, Director of Nursing and Quality at Camden and Islington NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust.

    We bring together a world class university and two successful NHS Trusts as the start up Partners:

    • Camden and Islington NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust
    • Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust
    • Middlesex University

    We have already had interest from other NHS Trusts to join the MyCA partnership. Our ambition is to open up  to other organisations in future.  If you’d like to express an interest in being part of the partnership get in touch via our contact us page.

  • What are the benefits of My Care Academy?

    We believe that by joining together MyCA partners can access skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver better care within North Central London and build on our past working relationships and strengths. By collaborating together we can achieve more. Our launch partners are keen to empower their staff to be the best they can be and also deliver outstanding care.

    MyCA benefits by supporting and or facilitating:


    • Empowerment of own learning and performance
    • Access to learning resources that offer bite size, mobile 24/7 units of learning
    • Development of career pathways via examples of how other colleagues have progressed their development and roles
    • Access to learning  to support revalidation, professional certification efforts
    • Opportunities to share ‘wisdom’, ‘lessons learnt’ with less experienced colleagues/peers
    • Improve confidence and knowledge re digital literacy


    • Recruitment and retention of staff
    • Empowerment of staff and aid career progression & knowledge
    • An increase in staff confidence, skills and performance
    • Identifying and surfacing best practice


    • Workplace transformation
    • Improvements for joint learning e.g. cross fertilisation and breaking down of ‘silo’ working thus increasing sharing of evidence based practice
    • The fostering of a ‘learning led’ culture
    • The identification and nurturing of ‘talent’
    • Efforts to drive high quality patient care
    • Value for money through employing internal/local talent; sharing of resources; savings through scale of delivery particularly ‘e-learning’
    • Leaders of tomorrow
    • Clinical Governance

    Partners in care within the community

    • Ability to develop and influence central policies on ‘best practice/approaches’ to organisational learning, particularly as we engage in STP networks and how this ultimately improves the lives of our communities
    • Empowers the service user/carer user
    • Enhances the corporate reputation of all members
    • Enhances positive PR
    • Acknowledging differences whilst maximising opportunities for sharing
  • How can I or my organisation get involved with My Care Academy?

    We can’t collaborate to achieve outstanding care on our own.  We need your help.  Please register your interest in joining our community to connect, collaborate and co-create here.

  • What is the My Care Academy approach to co-production?

    Our approach is to embed co-production throughout MyCA.  We have signed up to The National Survivor User Network ‘4Pi’ Involvement Standards. This means that our work will ensure an approach based on research, policy and practice in mental health and social care based on the principle that people who use services have valuable knowledge and expertise.  Service users and carers will be involved with My Care Academy projects.

    In addition Middlesex University’s Centre for Co-production in Mental Health supports the My Care Academy service user and carer involvement and co-production.

  • Where is My Care Academy located?

    We have MyCA staff  based across all our partners, (Camden and Islington NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust and Middlesex University).

    Our core team is based within the Mental Health and Social Work Department, within the School of Health and Education at Middlesex University in London.  To contact us and get involved click here.

    My Care Academy
    Middlesex University
    3rd Floor Town Hall Annexe
    Mental Health and  Social Work Department
    NW4 4BT

  • How is My Care Academy funded?

    We are grateful for the funding we have received from Health Education England (HEE) the national leadership organisation for education, training and workforce development in the health sector.

  • How can I contact My Care Academy?

    We’re keen to receive feedback.  If you or your organisation want to know more or get involved in the MyCA community and join us on the journey then please take 2 minutes to drop us a short note and register your interest via our contact form here.

    You can also connect with us via:

    Email: mycareacademy@mdx.ac.uk

    Twitter: @MyCareAcademy


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